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I have no idea what I am doing
I publish what I like and what makes me dream. I use my own Ph...
I create miniature worlds with vinyl collectibles and toys. Then...
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Lived in Hawaii ‘99- ‘21, now in Virginia. The best job ever was...
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A programmer and dabbler in creative things.
Long time pikazo and Dreamscope user. Recently got active on DDG...
Occasional sketcher, inspiration from nature. I do fantasy, horro...
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Tired of see the most of the people doing the same art style, usi...
Every photo will be just in my digital puzzlebooks (PC/Laptop -...
My posts are primarily a mix of original photos and public domain...
Richard has been creating computer art for 30 years. I wrote my f...
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Just a girl with robot dreams...
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Ouu, colors!
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A Citizen World
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