Expat living in Mexico
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out on the range where the deer and the antelope play
The Deeper Trilogy (music with dream infused imagery) is complete...
trying to explain what i had in mind... My little Worlds:...
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Style transfers and deepdreams
Recreating my worst nightmares for everyone to see. Sharing is sc...
Art geek, seeker, I want answers to the Whys in life...Keep Dream...
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Some of my works also feature written art. Search #haiku if you'r...
I think it is wonderful that with cutting edge technology I can n...
It's Complicated.
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UK based fractal and digital artist. This was fun but I don’t wan...
check it like it follow it be happy msg me if ya really into them...
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Cars and vintage stuff.
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Consciousness is the root of everything.
Just a Dreamer here....
Everyone is allowed to use my dreams for themselves.
I’ve been a soldier, a teacher, an advocate for people with disab...
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I am here unless I am there