Hi :)
The artists remain human (designer, viewer, NN-training artworks)...
I Like Penguins :)
I'm new to AI art and trying to learn. Please feel free to messag...
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I'm a professional photographer from New Zealand and a mother of...
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I only use own sources - photos and fractals. Before I like, I'm...
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I can't even draw a straight line.
Swedish retired woman who loves to create…..
Artist, looking for inspiration while enjoying life. This place...
All Images made with photos taken by me, Rebecca Humes Photograph...
‘’What is done in love is done well.’’ -Vincent Van Gogh
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The future disappears into memory With only a moment between Fo...
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I like doing art so I'll do more art.
Digital art created by Sir CrowPickle at the Steam Atomitorium
Hello DDG World! thanks check an About Me Site NinePaper Artwo...
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