Echoes of the Hearts

Echoes of the Hearts
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More about Echoes of the Hearts

This dream is strictly based on my previous dream and my copyrigted poem entitled as "Echoes of the Hearts" shown below.

"Echoes of the Hearts"

In the still of the night, shadows surround,
A heart lost in echoes, a silent sound.
Memories linger, like whispers in the dark,
A love story written in the stars.

Through the storms and the raging sea,
We held on tight, just you and me.
But time slips away, like sand through our hands,
Leaving us with footprints in the shifting sands.

The echoes of the heart, never fade away,
In the symphony of love, we found our way.
Through the highs and lows, we stood tall,
In the echoes of the heart, love conquers all.

Broken promises and tears we've shed,
Yet, here we are, not giving up on what's ahead.
In the battlefield of love, scars may remain,
But with each sunrise, we'll rise again.

As the final chord fades into the night,
We'll dance through the echoes, bathed in the moonlight.
For in the echoes of the heart, our story's told,
A rock ballad of love, timeless and bold.


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