Queen of Dragons

#dragons #ethereal #goddess #mystical #portrait #queen

Prompt:  Ultra realistic illustration, a stunningly beautiful full body portrait of queen of dragons in reflective dark ceremonial armor with spread fluffy wings, sexy, flirty, Insanely detailed and intricately dressed with lightning, clouds, fire and fog. Beautiful face with intense reflective eyes, mysteriously magical, by Tom Bagshaw, Asher Brown Durand, Beeple, Todd McFarlane, Ralph Steadman, Anna Dittmann, Dan Mumford, Magali Villeneuve, Christoper Lovell, Greg Rutkowski   Try it
Nikon D850 sharp focus soft lighting extremely detailed Award winning photography fantasy studio lighting ultrarealistic hyperdetailed hemp background featured on artstation very attractive hyperrealistic high definition colourful light reflections

This one looks good even in landscape mode (used in DDG gallery).
But i really hope you will zoom in to check the portrait mode, it makes big difference - this is kind of awesome ;)