Slime Creature II

#creature #green #slime #weird

Prompt:  haunting horrifying hyperrealistic detailed painting of a ((beige xenomorph)) made of slime, gelatinous green goop, heavy metal, disgusting, creepy, unsettling, bloodshot eyeballs, hyper detailed, smooth, sharp focus, trending on artstation, hd, hdr, 8k uhd, unreal engine 5, ((lumen global illumination)), intimate lighting, cinematic lighting, hyperrealistic, extremely detailed, intricate detail, weta digital, visual effects society, v-ray, ((pixar)), octane render, experimental, maximalist, microburst, ghostcore, quantum, mechanized biocybernetics, wide field of view   Try it
highly detailed intricate 8k photorealistic award winning 4K 3D high definition crisp quality Unreal Engine hdr VRay focused


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