Ribbons of Light

#portrait #text2dream #woman

Prompt:  [Elegant head flowing gown, multiple vivid alcohol ink splashes and streams, James Jean, dark background, Mark Ryden, very high definition, dramatic composition, brightly lit, glossy deep emboss|A watercolor ink painting of the primordial Eldritch galactic goddess, between state, etheric, gorgeous, large Magellanic Cloud, intricate, in the style of James Jean, Brian Froud, Zdzisław Beksinski, H. R. Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, hyperdetailed, sharp focus, intricate concept art, digital painting, ambient lighting, 8k, trending on Artstation, hq, hyper quality|A colorful and provenance painting of a lovely woman with her huge nebula wings spread out gracefully, highly saturated colors, highly detailed, hair made of aurora and curling stardust, galaxies, stars, fantasy concept art, art by Micheal Hutter and Hieronymus Bosch, trending on Artstation]   Try it
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