Love´s eternal symphony

Love´s eternal symphony
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This dream is strictly based on part of my own poem (see below) and the reference image, as well. The poem is copyrighted by me!

Love´s eternal symphony

In realms where hearts entwine with grace,
A tale of love unfolds its trace.
A symphony of whispers, soft and true,
Paints a canvas, vibrant and new.

Love, the moon that guides the tide,
In hearts, its dance forever resides.
A melody composed in tender notes,
Where every beat, affection denotes.

Through meadows green and skies above,
Love blooms eternal, a garden of love.
Petals of passion in hues so bright,
Igniting souls with a pure delight.

Hand in hand, two souls unite,
In love's embrace, a magical flight.
Through trials faced and storms weathered,
Love's flame burns, undimmed, untethered.

A dance of souls in the moonlit night,
In love's realm, dreams take their flight.
A whisper shared, a secret revealed,
In love's sanctuary, wounds are healed.

Oh, love, a potion, sweet and rare,
A balm for hearts, a solace fair.
In laughter, tears, and moments pure,
Love's enduring flame will endure.

On this day, where love takes flight,
Celebrate the joy, the warmth, the light.
For love, the beacon in life's vast sea,
Guides us to where our hearts long to be.


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