We must all work together to end homelessnes

Prompt:  Homeless little girl, with her dog in battered, tattered, torn, clothes in the streets of Madrid, Spain in 1918. Cobble stone streets 1918 cars in the background.   Try it
Nikon D850 digital painting dof Award winning photography intricate oil on canvas award winning ultra detailed 4K 3D Unreal Engine colourful hdr matte background Van Gogh VRay acrylic art focused John James Audubon Alexander Archipenko
jackie trudel lane

Our ultimate goal is to help people end their homelessness. The Street Needs Assessment is a new tool that we will use to help us achieve this goal. – Phil Brown
Where are the amber waves of grain / When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain / Under the overpass they build a fire for heat / They can’t remember when they had a meal to eat. – John Lawry
We must all work together to end youth homelessness in America. – Jewel Kilcher


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