Mt Lookitthat from Larry Nivens A Gift from Earth

Prompt:  A Hyper realistic digital art of a hyper-detailed cinematic composition of once great ruined city on a cliff rendered in Circles, by Greg Rutkowski James Gurney Greg Hildebrant, hues of cold colors, fog far in the distance, 8K resolution art, vanishing points, depth of field, detailed matte painting, digital art   Try it
Started from image:
richard a galvani

Plateau, a colony in the Tau Ceti system, was settled by humans some 300 years before the plot begins. The colony world itself is a Venusian-type planet with a dense, hot, poisonous atmosphere. It would be otherwise uninhabitable, except for a tall monolithic mesa that rises 40 miles (64 km) up into a breathable layer in the upper atmosphere. This gives the planet a habitable area about half the size of California. The Captain of the first colony vessel named the feature Mount Lookitthat (from his interjection at first sight of it), and the colony became known as Plateau.


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