Model: AIVision
Prompt:  A figure with skin like weathered stone and mortar, opening its head to reveal a glowing architectural cage with a smaller figure stepping through a doorway, symbolizing escape. The scene contrasts dilapidated exteriors with a luminous interior, detailed hands with architectural motifs, amidst ruins symbolizing self-awareness and spiritual awakening. Include high-definition textures, dynamic lighting, detailed motifs, and surreal depth. Full Uhd resolution Try (42)

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my map for loners : When we cast judgment upon others, we beckon judgment upon ourselves. Therefore, let us wholeheartedly embrace the sacred maxim: Gift to your brother what you fervently wish he would offer you in thought. This golden rule ushers us into a divine meeting with our 'Inner Teacher', the bearer of all wisdom, who awakens us to our true essence. In his presence, the illusion of being a student fades away, unveiling the Master within us, our true Self.
We are here to amend the erroneous belief in separation, a forgetfulness that has stripped us of our joy. It is by laughing at this ludicrous idea that we liberate ourselves. The practice, steadfast and unwavering, day and night, of universal acceptance and self-forgiveness, reveals to us that, in truth, there is no one to forgive. Although seemingly simple on paper, in our daily lives, it transforms into an enduring challenge, a genuine spiritual initiation.
The journey is littered with fears and doubts, up until the final breath of the physical body, but it is Faith that sustains us. When we are not actively applying these principles in the external world, let us delve into the holy scriptures to shield our minds from the ego's deceptions. Our purpose is not to alter the world or ourselves within this dream, but to free ourselves from this illusion of separation that brought us here, and to acknowledge that this world, as perceived by us, is inherently non-functional.


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