Cosmic Visions of the Antichrist

Cosmic Visions of the Antichrist
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More about Cosmic Visions of the Antichrist

This surreal digital artwork doth explore the concept of the Antichrist through a visual fusion of three faces 'gainst a cosmic backdrop. I' the centre, the female visage with a Venetian mask encrusted with jewels doth symbolize seduction and deceit. The male visages on either side, with elements of nebulae, doth represent manipulation and cosmic influence. Below, a terrestrial landscape vibrant at sunset with clouds aglow, doth evoke the impact of these forces upon the world. The style doth blend intricate details, dark earthy tones with glowing accents, creating an ethereal and mystic ambiance.
my map (only practice count) :
Forgiveness and the end of times (T-29.VI.)
Don't look outside yourself (T-29.VII.)
Antichrist (T-29.VIII.)


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