Biomorphic Mushroom Chapel

#chapel #fairytale #fantasy #mushroom #text2dream

Prompt:  Biomorphic architectural symbiogenesis of a mushroom and a rococo chapel, by yacek yerka, gediminas pranckevicius, stefan morrell, hyper-detailed, insanely intricate, high definition, award winning, photorealistic acrylic art   Try it
Evolution steps: (See in details)
Evolution started from:

  +   Prompt: Beautiful magical fantasy alien towers with windows and doors, with a bell-shaped roof, emitting lightnings like a tesla coil, on an alien planet, with rocks and plants. Space background with nebulae and stars. electricity. by Maurice Sendak, Wes Anderson, Gediminas Pranckevicius, Didier Lourenco, photorealistic digital painting, ultra detailed, intricate, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, colourful hdr, cinematic postprocessing