Woman in Watercolour

#beautiful #colourful #splash #watercolour #woman #xymonau

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  A prize winning AI generated splash paint upper body portrait of a wild-haired Waterhouse beauty wearing a colourful modest swimsuit; she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful mouth and milky skin; she is posing with her hands behind her head on a white beach, wearing a colourful modest swimsuit; she has spectacular long red hair blowing in the breeze; backlit, watercolor, bold pastel colours, wet on wet, speed paint, soft and gentle, powerful splash effect, drip effect, Dee Nickerson   Try it (170)
Started from image:
Xymo Nau

The essence of a beautiful woman. Base image free to use with credit from Vecteezy, by Manuela Zamfir.


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