Maiden of Springtime

Maiden of Springtime

#beautiful #nature #pensive #pretty #springtime #watercolour #woman #xymonau

Model: Fusion*
Prompt:  Beautiful young woman with abundant hair that includes trees and bugs and butterflies and bees and glitter; gorgeous, elegant, amazing, delightful, pretty, whimsical, light and shade, watercolour and paint splash art, concept art, mid shot, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, backlit, matte background; whimsical, by nicoletta ceccoli, by tara mcpherson, by Wendy Carlton, by John William Waterhouse, loose watercolor with drips, ultra soft colors, street art, pop art; award winning, eyes must be the same colour, remove all artefacts and marks and spots from facial skin Try (72)
Nikon D850 sharp focus Award winning photography fantasy studio lighting 8k beautiful award winning fantastic view hyperrealistic ultra detailed high definition crisp quality Unreal Engine colourful hdr VRay vaporwave Ambient occlusion
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More about Maiden of Springtime

A young maiden surrounded by nature in springtime. The base image was a repair job from a sequence of evolved images, but I couldn't get the mark off the face and the eye was wonky. I fixed both, but now that it has been made again, the eye is almost as wonky as before. What is it with DDG and weird eyes? I prefer the base, but we now have to alter any image by a set percentage.


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