How to train your dragon - improved

#character #dragon #movie

Prompt:  An Enigmatic and beautiful painting of an intrincate solarpunk feathered dragon from the movie "how to train your dragon" with highly detailed dragon scales at golden hour by Marc Simonetti, Greg Rutkowski, Ferdinand Knab | 8K resolution DSLR HDR Cinema 4D IMAX detailed hyperdetailed photorealistic concept art detailed painting deviantart hyperrealism trending on Artstation Unreal Engine 5   Try it
highly detailed ultra reallistic fantasy 8k cinematic lighting photorealistic 4k sensuality high detail hyperrealistic ultra detailed high definition hdr cinematic postprocessing soft shadow volumetric light 3D shading 3Delight Incredibly Detailed Composition beautifully lit

I am learning Something new every day, this one is based on the original character from "how to train your dragon" but in different style. I like the final effect :)