crazy sunday

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Create a digital art piece featuring a caricatured, playful, and cute anthropomorphic giraffe character with big blue eyes, brunette pigtails tied with purple bows, and wearing large colorful glasses. The character's facial expression is very expressive and angry, adding a comical touch to the scene. She's in a bathroom filled with an excessive amount of soap suds and bubbles, creating chaos. Among the bubbles, the character is interacting with a normal-sized yellow rubber duck, and her body language should suggest she's in the midst of a humorous yet frustrating mishap. The addition of the large colorful glasses adds an extra layer of humor and personality to the character, emphasizing her quirky and playful nature. The bathroom setting is detailed with elements like a bathtub, shower curtain, and tiles, all overwhelmed by soap suds. This artwork aims to capture the moment's humor and chaos, highlighting the character's frustration in a lighthearted and amusing manner, with the glasses serving as a focal point of her unique style. 16:9 image ratio, 32k full Uhd Try (15)
Xair Xray

this little caractere have been inspired by Colleen Bruggman :


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