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Art is for Expanding ones Consciousness
I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-j...
Hi there nice to meet you and I will probably love your art. I l...
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Wannabe pilot, student, tried and convicted aerospace nerd. Occas...
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Unless otherwise noted, all source (not style) photos/images were...
Only just learning how to Dream. Will clear out bad Dreams once I...
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"Be at ease, one day the light from our Earth will pass by conste...
Art music game design + other talents.
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I'm finally glad that life let me be.
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do something kind today :) thank you so much to everyone who fol...
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Photographer, Only use my own images.
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Samuel Bucca is not my given name, but I couldn't figure out how...
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I was born to make you happy
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