Style transfers and deepdreams
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Yoda was my beautiful and beloved puppy. He lived a very short ti...
Awesomeness is not a destination, it is a way of life.
Dreams become reality. Dreamers become gods.
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Keen photographer who loves to add a dreamy dimension. I only eve...
If it seems I love octopuses, that is true. (btw I checked, and O...
Hi! I'm Tim, a dreamy guy from Kharkov. Glad to be here with you,...
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Homínido, de la familia de los primates. Enamorado del lenguaje v...
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Yo soy yo y yo no soy nadie más porque nadie más es yo
Action causes more trouble than thought.
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I just do this for fun. also to keep my depression at bay.
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Feel free to use my styles!!!
The breeze. The sound of water in the valley. I want to be with p...
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M.A. Oneironautic Magic
"Being creative makes you a weird little beast because everything...
weir just a state of mind
Artist: Also a LSM of the Variety Artistes' Federation Union "Equ...
nothing from knowhere
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I have no idea what I'm doing. Thanks for stopping by!