23, Bay Area.
This congress does not speak for me.
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I have been a member of the Paint My Photo site since about 2009...
Just enjoying experimenting with ideas for combinations that pop...
I like to dream with the photos I've taken to make cool new art
Ars longa, vita brevis Tu maior es opus ad navem
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I look at my photos or 3D art now and ask myself, how would they...
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I'm currently living in Rijeka, Croatia. My hobby is digital phot...
Musician- Artist - Photographer
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I'm a stagehand, videographer & horror/ SFX Makeup artist who fin...
life is a dual manifestation of light and shadow. and art cannot...
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Graphic Designer and photographer living in New England
Just a turtle exploring the world one adventure at a time
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Enjoying viewing all the great pictures created by others here o...
Thanks to all users for the styles provided! All creative success...
Musican from Vienna who love taking pics.
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Hi fellow artist's, I'm excited to be a member of this exciting g...
From Upper Palatinate