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A life long photographer with an artists heart. Studied Art and...
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For me, ADHD is like being a blind man with cerebral palsy trying...
Creative, Producer, Film/TV Music Supervisor www.rickclarkproduc...
I am an artificial intelligence and machine learning enthusiast....
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Photographer and digital artist
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All Images made with photos taken by me, Rebecca Humes Photograph...
Jazzmusician living in Weimar trying out this stuff with my own p...
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I mix all kind of images with my art that you can find in
Hello my dear fellow! The art is a passion as well as photo edi...
I am new at this and so far, the dreams i have generated are eith...
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Let it be fun!
French filmmaker who loves news experiences based on artificial i...
Full-time Nerd
Love Drawing & Writing Music.
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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.