I am fascinated by what artificial intelligence can do.
I live for the passionate pursuit of creativity.
Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...
Aussie - Eclectic, Ambivert, Pagan. Weaving her way through the d...
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Software engineer with a lot of random interests, some related to...
Trips to where few have been. Out of thin air, upon high winds.
I make beautifully inspiring pieces that intrigue viewers.
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No art background! I love DDG precisely because it gives me the i...
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An attempt was made!
artist & musician new to AI
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Weltmeisterschaf / World Champion Sheep / Champion de Mode : ht...
Musician, remixer, photographer, now Deep Dreamer. I use my own p...
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My name is Nirina,I'm from Madagascar,I would like to be an artis...
i make bryce and poser artwork
I try to use only my photos/art or public domain reproductions. I...
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I love experimenting and comparing, discovering new possibilities...
Kwatamfifi ventures and general contract Director at kwatamfi...
"No matter where you go, there you are!"