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I like apes, and I like AI. So why not contain the two of them? H...
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I am a tired worker with 2 cats
Photographer, digital artist, explorer. Unless otherwise speci...
Still experimenting. Still exploring options. Still figuring ou...
Amateur photographer fascinated by the possibility of creating wi...
I am a photographer, acrylic, alcohol ink and collage artist. Lov...
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Hello everyone. I officially declare that: I have nothing agai...
If you have come here you deserve to know that I am the poet and...
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I’m just here for the veggies
"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of drea...
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Disabled and legally blind Klingon-American from Califirnia. If y...
Creatividad en conceptos nojuicio, sinéctica, scamper, runas, orá...
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