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Ex-POV-Ray user, now into AI Art. Random Prompt Generator now...
Time Gate Operator
I can't even draw a straight line.
Kwatamfifi ventures and general contract Director at kwatamfi...
Hello from Northern Ireland... joined this Deep Dream in June 202...
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I don’t like what I generate to look too perfect, keep things a b...
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lover of art, making fractal art and photography
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lunatic who has liked computer and AI art for years.
Jellybean breakfast...Mustache on a masterpiece...Post graffiti c...
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Much much more of my art on Instagram:
Just a Dot in a pixel world
Writer. Poet. Dreamer. Fortuitous divisions, clear azure streams...
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Native Southern Californian, love most forms of art and music. Da...
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Nft Forge Collective, a symbiosis of generative AI and intricate...
Hello. 58-year-old who completed to degrees after returning to s...
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Having fun, I hope you are too!
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