elegant dof intricate cinematic lighting photorealistic sensuality beautiful dynamic lighting hdr Zdzisław Beksiński dramatic cinematic focused no text high contrast Surrealism elaborate great depth and scale graceful Engraving Exquisite Sparkles accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting Perfectionism aesthetically perfect facial structure visually breathtaking ultra-realism aesthetically perfect facial features fractal pencil drawing Archan Nair Armand Point Fluidity wide-set symmetrical realistic beautiful dark eyes with sparkle wide-set eyes, high cheek bones, symmetrical face enhanced color vibrancy Aubrey Beardsley incredible artistry with realism Ultra Crisp quality detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive wide-set symmetrical eyes hauntingly beautiful ultra-high definition super polished multi-layered insanely detailed texture Layered intricacies Arthur Sarnoff textured pointillism gorgeous realistic dewy supple smooth skin insane precision unyielding adherence to accurate anatomy realistic symmetrical large eyes with clarity graphically diverse textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements abstract graphics enhanced expressiveness Realistic eyes with depth reflection & slightly watery one screen High graphic elements no frame, no border Gustave Doré Harry clarke illustration Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible 3D effects & extrusion Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors sophisticated & chic exquisite gothic elements Other-worldly beauty & mystique voguestyle Wide-set Very Opened eyes all eyes are depicted as opened & realistic No closed eyes wry smile

Aspect ratio