sharp focus elegant Award winning photography intricate oil on canvas cinematic lighting photorealistic beautiful hyperrealistic hdr Zdzisław Beksiński no text Mixed Media Ultra realistic insanely detailed chiaroscuro film noir Tom Bagshaw Volumetric lighting elaborate graceful Catrin Welz-Stein Engraving Exquisite Multidimensional maximalism Sparkles realistic hands accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting insanely intricate Perfectionism aesthetically perfect facial structure ultra-realism aesthetically perfect facial features symmetrical eyes fractal pencil drawing Fluidity ultra-precision Very Crisp quality Kintsugi Perfect facial symmetry with high cheek bones, and full lips fine line art enhanced color vibrancy symmetrical wide-set eyes Gene Davis incredible artistry with realism detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive wide-set symmetrical eyes hauntingly beautiful ultra-high definition super polished realistic, exaggerated expressions multi-layered Layered intricacies Arthur Sarnoff mouth closed, lips unparted multidimensional painting texturized painting Full body & head in frame insane precision unyielding adherence to accurate anatomy insane depth masterful artistry insanely detailed details realistic symmetrical large eyes with clarity graphically diverse textures straight white teeth Detailed architectural elements one screen High graphic elements no frame, no border Gustave Doré Harry clarke illustration substantially increase color brilliance lucio fontana cutting

Aspect ratio