Lost & Found:  Best Reunions!  1.24.24

Lost & Found: Best Reunions! 1.24.24

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Gorgeous portrait of a dynamic reunion as it unfolds, a beautiful woman happy tears as she lunges forward with relieved exhilaration to hug her beautiful huge fluffy multitextured sweet dog whose joy is dynamically uncontainable, full body wriggling, tongue poised to lick her face as he clumsily & overpoweringly lunges in hug-like dynamic pose, the moment of contact is captured with realistic overwhelming emotions, joy & love so palpable they are visible swirling vibrations, the scene is exquisitely detailed, highly nuanced, realistic yet surreal, natural yet an artistic masterpiece fully weaved of gorgeous aboriginal textiles patchwork interwoven intermittently with subtle visible energy aboriginal dot art flowing pawprint- shaped hearts textile patchwork The Reunion patchwork by Enki Bilal & Paul Klee & Mimi Czajka Graminski & Jennifer Lommers & Hans Hartung & Meghan Duncanson & Mark Rothko & Dee Nickerson & Victor Brauner & Karl Reichert Didier Lourenço & paul cadden cohesive ∞ Try (34)
realistic dramatic collage Mixed Media line art long exposure insanely detailed Surrealism rule of thirds great depth and scale Enki Bilal naoto hattori graceful Engraving insanely intricate visually breathtaking ultra-realism fractal pencil drawing Archan Nair Fluidity fine line art visual impact diaphanous beautiful realistic detailed symmetrical eyes with sparkle Nester Formentera incredible artistry with realism Colorful Oil On Rainy Night Canvas highly detailed, digital painting, abstract, surreal, Wassily, Kandinsky, Jean-Baptiste Monge ultra-high definition super polished realistic, exaggerated expressions very poignant Layered intricacies textured pointillism multidimensional painting texturized painting insane precision insane depth graphically diverse textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements Unstructured Maximalism Novelty architecture Realistic eyes with depth reflection & slightly watery Pastel Colors Of Lavender, Periwinkle, Peach, Spring Green, Baby Blue, Mauve, Pink internally decorative Crepuscular Luminosity Hyper-Structured Minimalism show objects in great details and accuracy Legit emotional reactions perfect body coordination perfectly flowing emotions perfectly resonated aesthetics actual realistic image of motion Tingatinga Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery sophisticated & chic gorgeous smooth dewy complexion Paul Cadden calm sinuousness beautiful sea, waves & motion by Carina Francioso Realistic symmetrical wide-set eyes with depth reflection, sparkle & slightly watery Enhanced 3D effects Exaggerated highly detailed realistic facial expressions Multi-Gold-shaded sun & rays create sublime effects & architectural elements sublime designs wispiness & crisp color palette: dark brown, light brown, cream, autumnal colors, indigo blue Black Karl Reichert, uncomplicated visual story remarkable flow of story & overall cohesion Mimi Czajka Graminski

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