Prompt:  Reflection, fireflies, swirling water, bubbles, splashing water, watercolor painting, Jean-Baptiste Monge style, beautiful water Lily water sprite   Try it
studio lighting intricate 8k very attractive beautiful ultra detailed watercolor
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Prompt: "Intricately detailed fantasy and whimsical portrait painting a beautiful water lily fairy; the creature's appearance: delicate, with a small body and a beautiful face, partially submerged in water. Environment: surrounded by a magical pond filled with water lilies, frogs , dragonflies and fireflies, some soft glitter all around. Genres: fantasy, whimsical; Styles: romantic, magical, dreamy; Techniques: watercolor. Light settings: soft. Colors: pastel, muted, natural. Descriptive terms: enchanting, ethereal, otherworldly; by Artists: John Bauer, Brian Froud, Jean Baptiste Monge 8K 3D,"