Prompt:  In the desolate wasteland, Shadow's menacing form exuded fear and apprehension. His opaque, jet-black metal body absorbed all surrounding light, casting an ominous darkness. Coarse, thick cables wound throughout him, creating a heavy, impenetrable armor that intensified his foreboding presence. His robust limbs ended in blunt, rigid digits, demonstrating the ruthless efficiency of his design. His torso, which contained a sinister, unstable energy source, throbbed irregularly, signifying his unpredictable nature. Shadow's face combined animalistic and dystopian design elements, featuring sunken eyes, a jagged jawline, and a hollow gaze that seemed to consume all hope. His matte, shadowy surface added a sense of detachment, while his expression conveyed coldness and malevolence. Lumbering with a thundering, mechanical gait, Shadow exhibited immense power and destructive potential. The darkness around him deepened, swallowing and smothering any light that dared to approach, as if he commanded the very shadows that enveloped him. In these moments, Shadow represented a harrowing vision of the future: a relentless, merciless being.   Try it


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