#forest #ghost #horror #pontianak #spirit

Prompt:  Insanely detailed fantasy and whimsical portrait painting of Pontianak; the creature’s appearance: a beautiful and alluring female ghost spirit with long black hair, sharp fangs, porcelain skin, and piercing red eyes, with white flowing robes; environment: a dark and misty forest surrounded by gnarled trees and glowing mushrooms; Genres: Horror, Fantasy; Styles: Surrealism, Neo-Romanticism; Techniques: Photo-realism, Brush-strokes; Light settings: moody and atmospheric, with a full moon illuminating the scene; Colors: deep reds, blues, and greens; Descriptive terms: haunting, eerie, seductive, mysterious, alluring; by Artists: J.W. Waterhouse, Alex Ross, Michael Kutsche, Frank Frazetta, Tim Burton;3Delight Unity 3D,3D shading, Unreal Engine 5, 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution   Try it

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