While My Spanish Guitar Gently Sleeps

#3d #curvy #guitar #sleep #spanish

Prompt:  gorgeous seductive curvy brunette woman wearing lingerie holding a beautiful wooden accoustic guitar, in the styles of by Carina Francioso, Wlad Safronow, Rik Oostenbroek, Adam Martinakis elegant, extremely detailed, intricate cinematic lighting , photorealistic ,beautiful, fantastic view ,ultra detailed , colourful, cinematic postprocessing , cinematic , accurate and proportional, reflective lighting , Perfectionism ,aesthetically perfect ,visually breathtaking ,ultra-realism , Fluidity   Try it
Nikon D850 sharp focus dof Award winning photography studio lighting intricate high detail dynamic lighting crisp quality Wonderland
Started from image:
Fearless Leader

Makes me want to play it


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