Fluorescent Portrait

#doubleexposure #fluorescent #portrait #woman

Prompt:  Silhouette double exposure, silhouette of a person over a forest, 16k, HD, 3D, Octane render Bodyscape double exposure female portrait of a colorful intricate forest, forest and colorful stars on the front of an insanely beautiful female body with colorful hair, standing in a dark place, playing with the hair, fluorescent pigment body painting style by John Poppleton and Bob Ross, diffused lighting, double exposure, blend, illusion, octane render, digital painting, extremely detailed, Award winning photography, 8k, photorealistic, very attractive, beautiful, high detail, award winning, high definition, Unreal Engine, colorful, hdr, VRay, magical, Ultra realistic, by Mandy Jurgens, Russian model, glow in the darkness   Try it
soft diffused light extremely detailed intricate 8k very attractive beautiful high detail dynamic lighting award winning hyperrealistic high definition crisp quality


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