Cyber beauty

Prompt:  Insanely detailed Portrait photograph of gorgeous electronic computer modern girl with gadget and electronic things, letters of computer code on girl face,fluorescent colors, vibrant colors, rich colors, ultra detailed face, long wild hair, cleavage, wet lips, soft face, dancing, flailing arms, Breathtaking Fantasycore Artwork By Android Jones, Jean Baptiste Monge, Alberto Seveso, Erin Hanson, Jeremy Mann. Intricate Photography, A Masterpiece, 8k Resolution Artstation, Unreal Engine 5, Cgsociety, Octane Photograph, remove blemishes from face, remove blemishes from skin, remove paint from skin, remove paint from face blender, doll, plastic, cropped, low-res, poorly-drawn face, out of frame, poorly-drawn hands, double, two heads, blurred, ugly, disfigured, too many fingers, deformed, repetitive, black and white, grainy, extra limbs, unclear eyes, undefined facial features, out of proportion, unfocused eyes, deformed teeth, deformed nose, watermarks, signatures, tiling, ugly   Try it
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