Model: Photonic
Prompt:  An otherworldly being with brightly shimmering stardust skin and a halo of constellations, radiating cosmic energy which is super bright and glowing against a pitch-black void; anthropomorphic neon art; binary thread line in the background like stars; cosmic wires, Gerald Brom, Charlie Bowater, Ray Caesar, stylized painting, fine art masterpiece, incredibly detailed, reflection, octane, detailed face, masterpiece Try (1)
Nikon D850 digital painting sharp focus elegant extremely detailed Award winning photography studio lighting 8k masterpiece beautiful dynamic lighting award winning hyperrealistic ultra detailed 4K 3D crisp quality Unreal Engine colourful cinematic postprocessing VRay pixel art vaporwave John William Waterhouse Volumetric lighting Ambient occlusion golden ratio composition High Octane Render dotwork Devon Rodriguez
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