Heaviness of Hopelessness  2.24.24

Heaviness of Hopelessness 2.24.24

Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  In her darkest hours, nobody came, depiction includes woman's full head & entire upper body all depicted on the screen, detailed thin fluid tulle cross-hatched, Rule of thirds, layered stormy skies brewing in background, & also subduedcolors, juxtapositio of textures in styles of Jeremy mann & Anna Dittman & Wendy Abbott & Dorthea Tanning & Henk Bremmer, John & Russell, & Alexander Calder,& paul delvaux,& James Gilleard, & serge marshenniko & john coulthart, sensual rich velvety imperial colors Try (10)
sharp focus elegant dof sensuality dynamic lighting Zdzisław Beksiński dramatic Gediminas Pranckevicius no text Mixed Media Paul Klee insanely detailed Surrealism Francis Bacon Tom Bagshaw rule of thirds great depth and scale graceful Atmospheric reflective lighting Fluidity fine line art Josef kote Michał Sawtyruk diaphanous Exaggerated detailed expressive eyes Layered intricacies textured pointillism hyper-detailed textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements enhanced expressiveness Realistic eyes with depth reflection & slightly watery one screen no frame, no border Harry clarke illustration Anthony Gerace 3D effects & extrusion Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery dark lighting surreal nightmarish gorgeous smooth dewy complexion Santiago Calatrava & Frank Lloyd Wright et al Paul Cadden clean crisp lines & linework & shapes & angles sublime designs perfect body coordination & accurate body kinetics & positioning aesthetically beautiful female face symmetrical & chiseled facial features Unity Render Texture multi-textured layered assemblage Anna Ostoya, Gail Potocki serge marshennikov

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