Concrete jungle

#agentcane #architecture #futuristic #graphic #housing #straight

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  Noir Epic dice house in a futuristic geometrical jungle style, 1-point perspective, no frame, Unbelievable watercolor speedpaint by Johnson Tsang, speedpaint, paint drips, strokes, dripping, style of Andrew Ferez, by Android Jones, hyperdetailed, decent colors, impasto hypertextured, dripping paint strokes, perfect composition, Art of Illusion 3D shading, hyperdetailed, ZBrush, cel-shaded, golden ratio Try (7)
Nikon D850 sharp focus ultra reallistic Award winning photography cinematic lighting portrait very attractive beautiful poster fantastic view crisp quality cinematic postprocessing Zdzisław Beksiński acrylic art futuristic Jean-Baptiste Monge Art Nouveau Paul Cezanne Hovik Zohrabyan Richard Estes Remedios Varo Paul Delaroche Richard Corben Carrie Ann Baade Tim Warnock Remove haze Jean Etienne
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