"Rolling in American Steel ..."

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... in the midst of a dream
music is playing:

" Well the needle is on the E
... but, I ain't stoppin
till I leave this town behind
... Someone said the gasoline
is cheaper, once you get
... across the county line"

“Cause me I’m just a flash out on the highway
... Chrome steel shining like broad daylight
I’m rolling through the dust bowls and the ghost towns

Running with the big rigs late at night…”
... Ain’t nobody knows just where I’m going
Nobody gives a damn ’bout how I feel
... I know I’m ’bout to reach this place I’m going
Because I’m rolling in American Steel“

Title & Lyrics Above: All are based on and borrowed from American Steel. Hear it at https://youtu.be/4HgEYgFZKis .
... Cite:“Rich O’Toole - American Steel (Official Lyric Video).” Www.youtube.com, www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HgEYgFZKis. Accessed 17 Apr. 2021.

Artwork Style: Expressionism

Genre: Symbolism

DDG Style: Found here ..

The Image Idea: Given the year of the truck, 1956, then it is probably American steel.

Base Image:CC BY 2.0, File:56 GMC Pick-Up (6045493345).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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[] Album review – Rich O’ Toole’s “New York” – Country Music France https://countrymusicfrance.fr/2020/08/06/album-review-rich-o-tooles-new-york/

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