red pandas

#forest #pandas

Prompt:  A Insanely detailed fantastical and whimsical painting of a group of cute, adorable, lovely, playful, intelligent baby Red Panda in a forest setting, surrounded by tall green trees with a thick canopy, vibrant flowers, and shrubs. The baby Red Pandas have distinctive red and white fur, big round eyes, and fluffy tails. They are seen playing with each other, climbing trees, and munching on bamboo shoots. Genres: Fantasy, Surreal, Whimsical Styles: Hyperrealism, Pop Art, Naive Art Techniques: Digital Painting, Airbrushing, Impasto Light Settings: Bright, Radiant, Radiant Sunlight Colors: Red, White, Green, Gold, Blue Descriptive Terms: Adorable, Playful, Whimsical, Vibrant, Lively by Artists: Hayao Miyazaki, Jim Kay, Joe Fenton, James Jean, Kent Williams 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution   Try it