A case of Head in the clouds

A case of Head in the clouds

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Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  " 3D HDR A stunning woman of hyperrealistic dramatic painted swirling clouds smoky mist explosions hyper coloured colors, highly detailed, sharp focus elegant extremely detailed fantasy hyperrealistic red Hair, highly detailed digital painting elegant fantasy oil on canvas beautiful high definition crisp quality in the style of rembrandt and Gaspard Monge Try (10)
elegant extremely detailed intricate very attractive beautiful imperial colors crisp quality colourful cinematic postprocessing Michelangelo Daniel Gerhartz crisp realism professional cosmetic make up 8 K 3D highly detailed porcelain white skin stunning realistic eyes extremely perfect closed lips Perfect highly realistic eyes Perfect realistic hair 64K, UHD, HDR, HQ Hyper realistic eyes Sylverdali hyper realistic facial features Hyper realistic reflective eyes AIvision Aligram 4k 4K 3D Perfect Proportional Anatomy explosive colour burst
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