'Gone Goddess' Dust 2.11.24

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, yet I still see her, she is scarred & under a layer of blood, sweat & tears, but she radiates an indescribable beauty that brings me to my knees in anguish, She is made of hyper detailed & varied textures, visible sounds, bits of memories like dust particles in sunlight, visible for micro seconds, I want to collect them to make a cohesive form or scene or message, but they can’t be captured, not one, they float by in cosmic unison & disappear unaware of my presence, she is porcelain & rusted metal, peeling paint, smooth copper, the sound of a mountain creek, the dynamism of water in motion, like silk moire with sublime designs & iridescent reflections, shapeshifters that slip through my fingers if I dare grasp. she is fall colors, indigo blue, & leaves imprinted with intricate veins, tiny masterpieces I never noticed, all part of a greater masterpiece that is now embers of a once blazing fire with flames that danced, charred edges are reminders of stories - not read, told, finished, or written, she is white beach sand, sand spurs, dandelions, driftwood, cracked leather of a well-ridden saddle, laughter, singing, wailing, a visibly retreating echo fading so all that’s left is the reverberation of my voice, I hush my breathing, hoping to hear something not emanating from me, but the silence has a palpability of the loneliest dimension & I realize I have nothing left to say, Try (30)
no text collage Mixed Media line art primitive insanely detailed elaborate Enki Bilal graceful Engraving Willem de Kooning Semi-Abstract Fluidity Golden Ratio Facial Proportion fine line art very poignant Layered intricacies multidimensional painting texturized painting hyper-detailed textures graphically diverse textures abstract graphics geometric aesthetic integrity of lines & shapes calm sinuousness Enhanced 3D effects precise Gelsculpt abstract pointillism actual depiction of movement, motion & flow aesthetically beautiful female face symmetrical & chiseled facial features Unity Render Texture Zbrush & Blender
Bailey's Mom

To all my ‘gone goddesses’ & the dust particles you leave behind; visible at times; elusive & intangible always. I miss you with inexpressible weariness.

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