#agentcane #creation #devil #masterpiece #orange #surreal

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  Creation   Try it
highly detailed sharp focus extremely detailed 8k photorealistic high detail award winning hyperrealistic ultra detailed high definition crisp quality Ultra realistic
Evolution steps: (See in details)
Evolution started from:

  +   Prompt: Mystical portal a futuristic Complex shadow play silhouette in motion, bokeh, sinister shadows in the background, Dissolution into many small parts and particles, noir coloration, photorealistic style, high detailed, Unbelievable acrylic speedpaint, by Mike Campau, Kim Jung Gi, Amr Elshamy art, Johnson Tsang, speedpaint, paint strokes, detailes by Greg Rutkowski, hyperdetailed, hypertextured, Arrangement by Weta Digital, perfect composition, Art of Illusion 3D shading, hyperdetailed, ZBrush, cel-shaded, golden ratio


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