Bird woman / wolf woman

Prompt:  Bird Lady / Origami Mami, change composition by enhancing arm & hand on waist to be more anatomically accurate, A chic beautiful woman with accurate anatomy & gorgeous golden ratio face is created from origami & sitting in a cafe that is entireley composed of intricate beautiful origami or paper mache, origami is insanely ntricate & beautifully crafted, beautiful colors, innovative design, colorfull, delicate In the styles of Angela Betta Casale & Sergio Cerchi & Polina Oshu,& andrei riabovitchev & Beth Norton & laura ashley   Try it
elegant dof ultra reallistic extremely detailed Award winning photography intricate cinematic lighting photorealistic very attractive beautiful dynamic lighting award winning fantastic view hyperrealistic ultra detailed 4K 3D high definition crisp quality Unreal Engine colourful cinematic postprocessing focused water colour
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