Pueblo Dwelling

Pueblo Dwelling

#adobedwellingsofthepueblopeople #cooking #curingbuffalohides #dustybrownandandoliveandbeigeencircledbypricklypearcactus #peoplearefetchingwater #stylegeorgiaokeefe

Model: Artistic 2
Prompt:  adobe dwellings of the Pueblo people, dusty brown and and olive and beige encircled by prickly pear cactus, people are fetching water, cooking, curing buffalo hides, style Georgia O'Keefe, Try
oil on canvas photorealistic very attractive high definition crisp quality quilling anatomically correct aesthetically perfect facial structure romantic abstraction
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More about Pueblo Dwelling

Adobe dwellings of the Pueblo people based on a pattern created by Yvain_de_Leonias; I have the artist's permission to use this image, there is no reason to report it!


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