#agentcane #birth #fertility #mediterranean

Prompt:  An old photography of a perfect symmetrical vulva morphing into a wide Mediterranean landscape, by Kim Jung Gi, Jeff Koons, Kael Ngu, Ismail Inceoglu and Ivan Shishkin, subtle colors, lyrical abstraction, hyperrealism, maximalist, beautiful spectacular visions, striking amazing composition, picturesque eye-catching Highlights, impressive art, magnificent drawing, remarkable fine art, dramatic weather, (unforgettable stunning scale), unique style, great composition a masterpiece,   Try it
highly detailed extremely detailed Award winning photography intricate cinematic lighting photorealistic award winning fantastic view hyperrealistic ultra detailed crisp quality cinematic postprocessing light reflections Gediminas Pranckevicius Ralph McQuarrie Golden ratio Jean-Baptiste Monge Paul Cezanne futuristic Ultra realistic octane render Simon Stålenhag masterpiece Richard Estes Remedios Varo Paul Delaroche Remove haze Lucie Bilodeau Jean Etienne


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