Waterfall from Heaven

#nature #waterfall

Prompt:  Sky with soft wisps of clouds atop a staircase leading to a waterfall by david nixon, in the style of detailed fantasy, detailed dreamscapes, biblical grandeur, richly colored, by Renoir, Monet, Craig Davison, detailed plants in a forest, waterfalls, reflective water leading to this world, reverent and tranquil, illusion of depth, Godrays   Try it
sharp focus ultra reallistic extremely detailed oil on canvas photorealistic poster fantastic view crisp quality masterpiece
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  +   Prompt: A staircase from heaven, soft heavenly clouds, detailed lush plants in a tropical forest, magnificent waterfalls, reflective water leading to this world, in the style of lush and detailed, dreamlike illustrations, luminosity of water, joyful celebration of nature, A surrealist style, fine art, fine brush strokes, detail oriented, a masterpiece, old work of art, oil on canvas, perfect composition, golden ratio, in the style of david welker, tomasz, alen kopera, angela barrett, reverent and tranquil, solarization, in the style of detailed fantasy, biblical grandeur, mind-bending illusions, solarization effect


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