old building

#agentcane #architecture #building #driftwood #futuristic #grown #overgrown

Prompt:  A beautiful strange old overgrown cyberpunk city, detailed Machine parts intergrown with driftwood architecture, style of Raymond Swanland and Shaun Tan, cloudy starry black night, depicted in one photo in extremely clear quality, deep color contrast, Exploded lighting, an oppressive massive brutal overwhelming masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurd highly detailed, detailed shadows, indirect lighting, global illumination, amazing shadows, remarkable setting, outstanding exposure, professional post production, high quality, insane details, focused, shot with iphone 14 in high quality,   Try it (5)
sharp focus ultra reallistic extremely detailed oil on canvas photorealistic poster fantastic view crisp quality Jacek Yerka Thomas Kinkade Alphonse Mucha Zdzisław Beksiński masterpiece


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