cute animal underwater

#animal #cute #underwater

Prompt:  A Insanely detailed fantastical and whimsical painting of a cute, adorable, lovely, playful, intelligent Flapjack Octopus playing in a lush, underwater forest filled with vibrant coral and exotic sea creatures. The Flapjack Octopus is shown darting playfully between the coral, chased by curious, playful fish and sea otters. The underwater environment is full of intricate details and textures, from the delicate fronds of seaweed to the gnarled roots of the coral. Genres: Surrealism, Whimsy, Fantasy; Styles: Hyperrealism, Impressionism; Techniques: Dry brushing, glazing, layering; Light settings: Sunlight filtering down from the surface, creating dappled, shifting light; Colors: Bright, bold, contrasting; Descriptive terms: Vibrant, playful, lively, magical, enchanting; Artists: Dave Rapoza, Kekai Kotaki, Ian McQue, Simon Stalenhag, Michael Kutsche; 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution.   Try it