#peace #tank #ukraine #war

Prompt:  A rusty broken battle tank overgrown with wines and moss, on a sunny flowery field with tall grasses and sunflowers, gorgeous blue sky with dramatic clouds and sunbeams, epic cinematic brilliant stunning intricate meticulously detailed dramatic atmospheric maximalist, high definition, crisp quality. By RHADS, Thomas Kinkade, Jacek Yerka, Ernst Haeckel. Fantastic view, colourful HDR, magical, dramatic back light   Try it
Started from image:

Almost 1 year of war in the Ukraine. This dream is dedicated to all people who suffered and are still suffering from it.

I was lucky that the yellow "sunflowers" in the prompt may have led to the yellow/blue combination - or something else made the AI think of the Ukrainian flag - who knows. At least it's a nice add.

Base image made from scratch in Quantum Diffusion, using the same prompt.