Hatsune Miku in My Depiction

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Prompt:  (extremely detailed 8k wallpaper:1.5), full body shot photo of Hatsune Miku as [Fractal|Floral|Astral|Bio|Cyber|Clock]punk princess with (long blue twintails:1.5) and matching eyes, detailed face, symmetrical face, symmetrical eyes, delicate figure, perfect anatomy, enhanced hands, pale skin, dramatic, standing on her toes, high voltage, disintegrating from floral lace into fractal sparks, Neo-romanticism, biomorphic, epic composition, dynamic pose, CGsociety, beautifully lit, ornate, captivating, scenic, cinematic, smooth, masterpiece, volumetric lighting, fractal, Fibonacci, Pixiv, (vibrant), character design, anime, manhwa, hypermaximalist, perfection, (Aphrodite, characters merged), art by Luis Royo, by Akihito Yoshida, by Jordan Grimmer, Todd Lockwood, Aleksi Briclot, Weta digital, Anna Dittmann, Karol Bak, Michael Kaluta, Dali, WLOP, Ross Tran, Brian Froud, James Jean, Android Jones, William Morris, Ernst Haeckel, Victo Ngai, Stanley, Lau, Rossdraws, Andrei Riabovitchev, Marc Simonetti, Yoshitaka Amano, Gustav Klimt, Julie Bell, Giger   Try it
trending on Artstation highly detailed sharp focus dof intricate photorealistic beautiful high detail dynamic lighting award winning crisp quality hdr Thomas Kinkade Alphonse Mucha
Started from image:

Made in SD local (AUTOMATIC1111 webui) using Art & Eros (aEros)
model (https://civitai.com/models/3950/art-and-eros-aeros-a-tribute-to-beauty)
Then upscaled in DDG
Do not use my base image and upscaled image without my permission


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