Ghost Bubble  Bath 2

Ghost Bubble Bath 2

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  Exquisite ghost woman in bubble bath, pencil & ink, by Nester Formentera, anatomically accurate, depiction includes subject's full head & full body including her arms & legs on the screen her eyes are depicted as opened with irises and whites of eyes visible, flawless anatomy, divinely ethereal, Intimately & sublimely beautiful composition 16K ultra high resolution, crisp, hyper quality, Try (10)
highly detailed elegant illustration intricate photorealistic beautiful anato finnstark hyperrealistic high definition crisp quality dramatic pencil sketch no text line art insanely detailed Surrealism Francis Bacon film noir elaborate great depth and scale graceful Engraving Exquisite Semi-Abstract accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting insanely intricate aesthetically perfect facial structure visually breathtaking ultra-realism aesthetically perfect facial features fractal pencil drawing Fluidity aesthetically beautiful body form wide-set symmetrical realistic beautiful dark eyes with sparkle visual impact diaphanous shadows under eyes and cheek bones incredible artistry with realism hauntingly beautiful super polished insanely detailed texture Layered intricacies insane precision exceptionally creative masterful artistry realistic symmetrical large eyes with clarity enhanced expressiveness one screen no frame, no border Harry clarke illustration full body, including head, face, torso, upper & lower limbs, is depicted on the screen Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery exquisite gothic elements gorgeous smooth dewy complexion Other-worldly beauty & mystique Nester Formenterac, Wide-set Very Opened eyes

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